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Cub 1/3 scale

Bill Newton

New to GSN!
Hi ALL ...this is my first post since becoming an owner of 3 large (giant) scale planes...YES, I have caught the large CUB addiction....My question is how do you lock the wings in place...I have 3 different methods in my Cubs..and to my mind none of them are satisfactory.
My solution would be a 'Nutsert' on the wing and say a plastic wing bolt...but is that satisfactory.
Now a 'NUTSERT' down where I live (Australia) is a nut sought of pop-riveted onto a flat surface..it very strong in most cases...I have used them in race cars ...full size...a lot.
I am just doing some pre-flight checking..and want to get it right.
HELP...OH and yes will be changing my ID photo to one of my cubs soon.



640cc Uber Pimp
welcome to GSN!

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking. There are several different methods to secure wings in place. The most common is a nylon wingnut through the fuselage and a metal blind nut (T-Nut) on the backside of the wing root rib. BUT there are many other options but they all depend on the construction of the plane by the manufacture. The nut that you speak of reminds me of a rivnut... but I don't think that's possible on a ply rib.

Bill Newton

New to GSN!
Hi All..Actually, you guys have partially answered my question. One of my models has Nylon wing nuts holding the wing in place...on the larger one..unidentified ...there were 2 Allen key bolts that had wire joining them together and Loctite on the thread...see photos attached. As can be seen, the hole behind the main spar is fairly large..18mm or 7/16ths..and the bolts going into the wing are M4..but while sorting out my login problems I delivered a lateral thinking solution..see photos 2 and 3 ...all ok now nice and snug...my last question on my smaller CUB2.2m WS..the builder added a second Wing Brace...do you think that I should do that on my larger CU 2.9m WS...I am not going to do aerobatics... it's nearly all going to be a level flight plane. Sorry, but I am a bit nervous about the wings...they are like you guys are aware, quite large and I have suffered a couple of wing breakage in my smaller WSpan RC planes. Thanks for listening to me..I have just got back into the flying addiction in the past 2 years after a 50+ year break...so a lot of this is new.


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on big scale high wing planes where practical, I used to use large eye hooks epoxied into the root ribs with a sacrificial large zip tie pulled tight between the wings, takes any stress off the fuse root plate and prevents stress there.
I remember some of the Byron planes had rubber bands hooked to eyes.

used to use rubber bands also on sailplanes, but rubber bands break and are a pain to install, zip ties are easy and are as strong as a nylon bolt and less likely to damage the airframe in a less than desirable impact with the ground. bolts or zip ties are both good and have their advantages/disadvantages.