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640cc Uber Pimp
Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc


Here is my setup:

RCGF 21cc
Radical RC 2300 A123
Tech-Aero IBEC ignition kill and battery eliminator
Savox (x6) SC-0254MG for all surfaces
Savox SV-0220MG throttle
Miracle Switch (one switch, charge plug modified for A123)
Tail Dragger RC servo extensions (12") for Ailerons
MPI Servo reverser Y-harness for Flaps
MPI y-Harness for Ailerons
Redwing RC 16X8 white propeller
Redwing RC 80mm? turnbuckles for ailerons
MPI 1.25" servo arms for ailerons
AeroPlus iDeal 8oz fuel tank from mile high rc

TDRC Red/Blue Fuel line
RedwingRC fuel dot (may change to a Spot-On RC magnetic type)
Kavan 5" Balloon Tires

Haven't seen a build/review log for this plane yet, figured I should make a little/micro one to help me figure out the new and improved website... so sorry for the lack of detail. But if you have one, please post pics and comments!!!
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640cc Uber Pimp
Like I mentioned before, not much detail here. But you get the idea.

It was reviewed in Model Airplane News as a GRIZZLY ha ha. Probably because of the amount of aluminum parts they made for this cub... like the welded gear legs, aluminum struts and wing tube. makes this birdy a little heavier than it could be.


Maybe it's the aircraft mechanic in me... but this panel is... well off... 47knots?, 4000rpm, 7000ft.. with ZERO oil pressure/temp, ELT in ON, no key in the ignition! I may have ripped the sticker off ha ha
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640cc Uber Pimp
So this is the big question for this plane that everyone want to know. does the RCGF 21cc actually fit in this cowling??? Yes it Does.
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640cc Uber Pimp
Here's what all the onboard electronics look like when installed. Note that I had to move the throttle servo to the left side for this engine.


A little Tail Dragger RC swag.



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640cc Uber Pimp
Thanks guys.
The RCGF engine barely fits in the cowl because the cowling tapers inward as it goes aft. (I think that makes sense).. so you kinda have to put it on at an angle while gently squeezing it oblong while messing around with the exhaust pipes. note that the cowling sits aft a little bit in comparison to the oem engine cowling with the supplied RCGF standoffs. Then plane is coming out nose heavy so I dare not extend the standoffs.
I did a brief engine start the other day to tune the needles (they were a bit off), but I must say that I had to use an electric starter to get it going. hoping that the more it breaks in I'll be able to ditch the starter... well see, may even adjust the timing ever so slightly. I had to stop my engine runs due to some unexpected rain that came through. So maybe tomorrow....


Defender of the Noob!
i was cracking up over the instruments comments. it's so true, what are they thinking when they screw it up like that??