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Hyperion Antenna/Camera+VTX Overview

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2016
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    New Jersey

    Brought to you by our friends at Hyperion!

    This post is geared for the review of different antenna types and how they might benefit each First-Person View (FPV) application differently, in the terms of long-range, compactness, and versatility in surrounding radio frequency (RF) backgrounds. Furthermore, in this overview we’ll touch-base on All-In-One (AIO) integrated Camera+VTX systems too, as each camera system offers a unique benefit for a multitude of applications (either by RF output, size, and antenna type).

    For example: Mini brushed quadcopters like the Hyperion X 100 Quad might benefit from a lightweight and small whip antenna on the VTX in conjunction with either a helical or double-rhombic antenna on the VRX base-station, or just a All-In-One integrated Nano camera with whip antenna for indoor flying.

    Hyperion would be willing to provide users with samples so that they may conduct experiments and/or RF-field graphs so that users would have a better understanding about which antenna combination would be bested suited for them and their application

    This post will work as overview summary on all types of Hyperion Antenna & AIO Camera+VTX’s we offer. Here we’ll outline the Pro’s and Con’s for each items application i.e., Short-range, Long-range, Versatility, Micro quad short-range (100~200m), Micro quad long-range FPV( via AIO 100mw+ output micro camera+VTX, or Antenna combinations).

    Once again, we are looking for professional testers with non-biased opinions to give input and possibly help provide test data and opinions. Please “contact us” if you’re interested in becoming a tester.

    Hyperion AIO Mini Camera with 25mw/150mw Selectable VTX

    Pros: Good for long-range micro flying

    Hyperion Mini Camera w/ 25mw VTX – Whip Antenna


    Best Application: Good for short-range indoor micro flying

    Hyperion Nano 600TVL Camera w/ built-in 5.8gHz 25mW 16CH VTX


    Cons: Only 16Chs.
    Best matched antenna: Good for extremely small/lightweight/fragile setups.

    Hyperion 5.8GHz 9.3dbi RHCP Helical Antenna
    Pros: Good for VTX.

    Pros: Double-Rhombic internal design (better than a flat patch antenna)
    Best matched antenna: Good for VTX.

    Pros: Lightweight and smaller, compared to Cloverleaf.
    Cons: Stiff coaxial wire. (We offer Straight and 90degree elbow-bend versions)
    Best matched antenna: Indoor, short-range setups

    5.8GHz Cloverleaf Antenna Set


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