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Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
More aileron pulley work. Impatiently waiting on a shoulder bolt from McMaster Carr I found this little nylon thingy. I cut it down and came up with this.




GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Ordered some shoulder bolts from McMaster Carr, too heavy. I should have thought about nylon, which they had. Much lighter. However, the threaded wood inserts are military grade heavy and way too heavy. I think my cheap plastic bolt kit from the hardware store is my best option.




640cc Uber Pimp
I like the nylon bolts too. Curious to see how the pull-pull system geometry does. Hopefully the wires remain taught. Otherwise, you may consider a little cable retainer so it doesn't de-rail. Your setup is going to look great! Fingers crossed mr. ackermann doesn't have to provide engineering here.