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NEW Spektrum NX10 transmitter


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
I have a Spektrum DX9 and love it (came with a plane). Lifelong Futaba user but saw a Powerbox Core radio demonstration by a competition flyer and I'm sold. My next radio will be the Core.

Btw, not flaming the brand mentioned here.


After 9 years time to move to the latest generation of Spektrum radios...

On my third DX9. Keep coming back to it, since I’ve not found anything I like better.
Not sure which model or brand might be next, but the NX10 seems to be a feature packed radio for the price.

Thanks for this video Dominic!


70cc twin V2
Anyone having trouble with their NX8? We have one at our field and it has lost communication with three different planes.