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Realflight 7.5 - Using a microphone with flight recordings


70cc twin V2
I posted this in the Knife Edge forums months ago with no response.
I'll try here.

Can anyone tell me, or direct me to a tutorial or document explaining exactly how the, "record Microphone Input" feature works in RealFlight?

I looked at the manual and it says;
(If selected, the Record Microphone Input menu item activates and allows you to record audio input to accompany your recording.
I checked the box but there was no menu.

Thanks for any help or ideas


70cc twin V2
I figured out how to get the microphone to work.
I creates the wave file in the recordings directory, but the recording playback does not
include sound.

Weird thing is, when I open just the newly created .wmv sound file in the RF Recordings folder,
there is no sound to that file either.

I'm using Windows 7.
The microphone is configured properly because I created a sound file in Windows and it
plays back just fine.
It is however a .wma file and not a .wmv

My computer plays back other .wmv files just fine.

Oh well...