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Stabilizer Design Discussion.


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Well thanks for all the replies. I really enjoyed it. I read the article about the SHARK the link is shown above at GiantScaleNews. It has answered almost all my questions and will think long and hard before I trying this again. Thanks to Matt Carruthers for your input really enjoyed reading the info on GiantScaleNews.


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@ghoffman you are correct the one I built some time ago had 10% more area behind the pivot point than ahead. This worked well.
@Jetpainter yes you are correct buy the time the stabilizer was done the plane was tail heavy. Had to move the engine almost 2 inches further forward to balance. But the time it was kind of working the plane did not look good, and at that time I had lost interest.
We actually are using this on some pattern planes now some say they have great results with the full flying stab others are convinced that the conventionail method is still the way to go. I don't think it would be better at 3d though.


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A Bob Violett Shrike pattern plane from back in the early 70 had a flying stab. It used “The Violett Flying Fork” for control.



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It would be interesting to hear from somebody hoe flew this plane, and what if thought of it. Did not know the bob violette made pattern ships.
All the great pilots flew pattern in their life. The reports and my experience on full flying stab is that it feels very linear.


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I have a P-8 classic pattern plane with a full flying stab. Let me get a photo or 2 taken and posted.


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@Terryscustom is right. The configuration would be to much. The best thing for a really powerful stab would be to just make the stab itself barely big enough to hold the servo and 90% of the stab would be the elevator. But not sure its needed. All of my plane already have a huge elevator that does plenty for me.
I agree
In today's world you can use a wide verity of materials and servos that can easily solve the problem.

I think It's all about trial and error,different weigh wing load thrust and CG will make it something you'll need to find out your self through a period of time.

Till now no one used it for the big birds so I guess there's a reason.