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3D SWB Wire Tensioner

On my Edge 540, I have the Wire Tensioner's from SWB for the pull-pull cable.


I noticed that my cables (Don's Hobby Shop coated Kevlar) have some slack in them. It's not enough that I can move the rudder too far but has anyone ever noticed the cables developing slack?

I need to check some other things as well but I'm just curious.


70cc twin V2
Most All cables will stretch over time, I always check the tension on my rudder cables every time I go out to fly, just part of my preflight checks. Cable stretch is normal, just manually tighten to the tightness you want and go fly


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Yup, I've noticed the same thing, they tend to stretch a bit with some use. After about 10 flights or so it seems like they've loosened up enough to cause some black so I just re-tension them and call it good after that.


Xtreme by DeFinition !
That's how steal cables work, they must have a sort of flexibility well they suppose to do so if not, well, you've got the wrong ones.
Not only that even on very hot days or very cold days I see it.
I reckon it's something we all need to keep an eye on from time to time.
I've been using for a long time the gold plated from Secraft and before that Nelsson hobbies.

Rusty 73


These are type i used for my 3DHS pull/ pull rudder , they have two set screws to secure the rudder wire and a turnbuckle to keep the tension. Manfacture is Secraft .



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I've tightened my cables again on my 100cc Yak, no more threads available. Does that mean I replace the cables next?


Xtreme by DeFinition !
Maybe OT, but I got rid of some jittering after I tightened mine. 7955s of course [emoji123]
You can use the old fashion way with the Velcro between the rudder counter balance and the fin.
If you ain't got it then use the method you've mentioned.