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3D SWB Wire Tensioner


Did the Velcro thing also. But after reading this i also put Velcro between the elevator counter balance and the stab. Those 7955`s sure jitter. Well, going to use brushless servos in my newer Sukhoi an Yak. Haven't had any brushless servos before..


70cc twin V2
I use 7 Strand brand coated leader line along with their crimps for pull pull cables.. Seems to stretch much less than most of the stuff supplied with the planes. I've never had to replace it before.


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Rusty 73

Im using a secraft 1 mm coated wire with crimps attached to a secraft wire tensoner and a quick disconnect pin on the rudder hooked up to Savox 1230 ..
Haven't had any issue with loose/stretch wires yet i do like the setup that Secraft has for pull pull wire , i just like the quality of their products