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Wattaplane/Skywing 48" EPP/PLY hybrid Slick

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by rcguy1958, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Wattaplane, in conjunction with Skywing, have just released a 48" full fuse Slick ( As of Sunday ).

    This is a follow up in the line to their successful 48" full fuse Edge

    Ordered mine Sunday, should receive it in the next 2 weeks. At this time it is only available from Best Value Hobby, but will also be available from Wattaplane USA shortly.

    Best Value link : http://www.bestvaluerc.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=385

    Wattaplane USA link: http://usa.wattaplane.com/shop/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=5&cat=Park+3D+Flying

    I intend to power mine with an Omega 130 gr. motor, CC 45A esc, and control it with Solar D654 servos, and 2200mah 3s lipos.

    I'll do I build log as soon as it arrives.

    I've had an excellent experience doing business with Best Value, they have great customer service, and Feda is the company rep. ( owner ??) always active on RCGroups ( Have to get him to come over here)

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  2. Got my EMS shipping notice today :grrreat: :banana:
  3. Changed my mind on the esc. Going to put the CC 45 in my 39" Skywing Edge, ordered up a ZTW 60 amp, " A " series for the Slick. Lot of good feedback on this esc in the 48" 1.5 huck thread on rcgroups. Also decided to order a " B " series 65 amp ZTW to install in my 1.5 Huck.

    " A " series : 5.5v, 4 amp sbec

    " B " series: 5/5.5/6 volt, 5 amp sbec

    Also got the programming card ( worth $7.00 for easy programming )
  4. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Good choices on the ESC! They work well and Quantum stands behind their products.
  5. I also like the fact that if I really had to , I could drive to Quantum ( I live in Upstate NY, 20 mins from Conn. border )
  6. I have the 48" edge - just a lot of fun to fly. I like the slick, but I am saving for my first all balsa model...still very tempting. Looking forward to some video.
  7. Well, my package arrived in NY today, so might even see it tomorrow, but probably Sat. or Mon.
    What are you thinking for your first balsa Helicow ?...I have the 3DHS 48" Edge in blue....flies very much like the Skywing edge, probably carries a little more momentum into the tumbling stuff, but really floats in harrier and knife edges like a champ also. Tough to get a full rotation out of a pop top( for me anyway), some guys claim 1.5 rotations, my thumbs are probably a little slower than theirs, I can just about get 1 full rotation at best.
  8. I have wanted the EF 48" MXS for a long time. It was a toss up between the extra or the mxs. Read a lot about both and would most likely be very happy with either, but that MXS (blue) is real nice. I see they have a yellow one in the 60" range - I would like to see those colors on the 48 but doubt it will happen.

    Now I hear SkyWing is coming out with a 55" version. Could make decision more difficult.

    I am working on the pop tops and they seem to be a lot easier on the sim. Every once in a while they look good, so I know it can be done.
  9. Can't argue on the EF birds, everything I've seen and heard about either has been extremely positive, and any vids I've seen, the characteristics of the plane impressed me, even if the flying didn't. We don't know what Skywing is releasing in the 55" class yet, just that it'll be 55". and no info on how close to production it is either. I've been begging for it to be an MXS or Yak 54 in the threads, but no hint as to what plane they are actually modeling yet.
    I can tell you this, I find myself flying my 39" Skywing edge more often than my 3DHS 48", so I'm expecting this slick to really kick the 1.5 huck to the back of the line. I think it all comes down to less fear of repair on the epp skinned planes, for me anyway.
  10. accidental double post...edited .
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2013

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