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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


Have the fuselage jigged level on the bench. Center drilled 1/2" hardwood dowel for 1/4" and epoxied these into the 1/2" holes in side if the fuselage for the wing locating pins. With each wing set at 2 degrees positive incidence, drilled through the fuselage with an 18" long 1/4" bit. Made up the 1/4" aluminum pins and knurled where each is epoxied into the wing.
The wing tube is epoxied into the left side of the stabalator, the right side will be held in place by a 4-40 screw so that the stab can be removed if necessary.
What's next? Need to provide tapped holes for the wing bolts then on to mounting the engine and provide cooling, throttle linkage, choke linkage, and exhaust. Not much sanding for a little while.