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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build

What changes? It's all there now. The lug below accepts a CM6 plug, the thermistor bulb are crimped in the lug and a little heat shrink tube and you have plug indication. For 1/4"-32 plugs I use a 10-12 gage 1/4" lug. How many temps do you need? You can daisy chain FrSky SP-RPM RPM/Temp sensor to get as many as you need, two temperature sensors per device, you must change the channel so that each device is unique. I have both plugs monitored and will measure incoming and air leaving on the plane I am currently finishing up. The sensors were in the Cherokee
Yep! Exactly what I've done. I've found too that you can buy the dual wire probes for less than the radio manufacturers offer and with wire length measured in feet, not inches.