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SOLD! $1350 - RTF Aeroworks Freestyle 260 w/DA-70 + Super Deal!

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by SleepyC, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Hey guys, I'm working everyday, all day 7 days a week. I have no time to fly or even look at airplanes.
    Bums me out, but life happens.. And sometimes it happens pretty hard.

    So One flight at Joe Nall, been parked since. New LIFE batts, Fortitude tank, DA-70 with JTEC mufflers, Hitecs on ele/Ail and a MKS on rudder - $1350 PICKED UP ONLY! (have no time to build a crate) (Motor and mufflers alone are worth $800 all day long!)

    And while your hear, grab the never flown pretty much RTF 30cc Citabria (DLE 30, Futaba servos) for an additional $500...

    Comes get em...

    I have to fund a few repairs on my production gear to continue to make a living, hence the sale. :(

    Pick up Only - I'm in Cleveland Ohio, 5 min from downtown.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  2. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    D__N @SleepyC,

    This stinks, but I certainly know what you mean by life hitting you pretty hard. If I hadn't just bought a Laser, here on GSN, I would have definitely been interested in your Extra. You are offering it at an AWESOME price, so you shouldn't have any trouble selling it.

    Good luck with your sale. I hope things turn around for you soon. . . . :yesss:
    pawnshopmike likes this.
  3. So sorry to see this. Hurts my heart.:(

    @SleepyC , hope your life gets better soon! Those are both smokin deals. They should go fast.
  4. camss69

    camss69 70cc twin V2

    It's a good thing I don't live close to you...

    Killer deal, sorry you can't fly them yourself.
  5. cap232

    cap232 50cc

    what servos 7955.? are on the wings and elevators


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