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2016 Ice House Fly In, Rockdale, TX

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Rpflyingtaz, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Mark your calendars and get ready for the 2016 Ice House Fly In, September 29, 2016 to October 2nd.

    There will be 4 flight lines to carter to any style flying as well as night flying. So bring out your Helicopter, FPV, Quad Copter, Warbird or 3D Monster and come out and have fun.

    Stay tuned as changes are happening at the site to make it even more enjoyable.

    Info on the Venue
    Beautiful Air Park with onsite ice house, RV park, lots of fun for everyone.

    • 4 Days of flying fun
    • 4 Flight lines (3D, Heli, Pattern, and FPV / Multirotor)
    • Light Towers Friday-Saturday (One Flight Line will be dark for "Light Kit Planes").
    • Plenty of room for multi-rotor fun
    • Lots of trails, suspension bridge
    • Great family venue; historical site
    • Night time activities
    • Full RV Hook-ups (Water, Sewage, Electric, Wifi) $10.00 per night.
    • Hot Showers available (Men and Women)
    • Awsome food and beverage at the Apache Pass Restaurant/ICE HOUSE on-site.
    • Free Spectator Admission
    Nestled along side the El Camino Real De Los Tejas , which is a National Historic Trail, and the three 17th century Spanish Mission sites is the Apache pass air park in Downtown TX

    On site we have a 3000 ft grass runway, full hookups (water/sewer/electric/wifi) for 47 RVs with an additional 24 if needed, showers and restrooms and the Apache Pass Icehouse. They serve ice cold beer and good food. It is a great dining experience right at the field.

    This property is huge and a golf cart is recommended.

    The City of Rockdale http://www.rockdalechamber.com is a short 10 minute drive away. There you will find hotels and restaurants and just about anything else you might have forgotten at home.


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    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
  2. Are you all getting ready for the Ice House Fly In. It will be here before you know it. Pack you planes let have a fun long weekend.
  3. This Fly-in is going to be one for the record books for sure! The Joe Nall of Texas is how its looking now! Cant wait For it to hurry up and Get here! :epic::fist_pump:
  4. Just an FYI. If it Flys we have a spot for you. Bring your Kites, DLG, Park flyers as well. I would to see every spot with something flying out there.
  5. Apache Pass Hotel’s

    All I called all the hotels in Rockdale today and got their prices for the Weekend of the event. If you thinking of coming and need a hotel make reservations asap and don't forget to register on Flight Deck.

    Estimated price per night

    Comfort Inn (Mention Fly In)

    Single 71.00

    Double 80.00

    Days Inn (Mention Fly In)

    Single 65.00

    Double 72.00

    Americas Best (Mention Fly In)

    Single 60.00

    Double 77.00


    Single 45.00

    Double 55.00


    Single 60.00

    Double ?


    Single 45

    Double 56

  6. From our Friends at Flex and Randy's Hobby


    We've been a Flex Dealer for a few months now and the response has been pretty darn good. Randy and I have been plotting to attend the Icehouse Fly-in for some time now but have never gotten our schedules to fit. Hearing the pilot count for last year and all the fun that's been going on has made it a priority to pencil this get-together in on our calendar. We wanted to attend but we put our heads together to put a little more "pop" in the proceedings.

    A phone call to the boys at Flex Innovations seemed the right thing to do and we were rewarded with the offer to send over a company pilot with somewhat of a reputation to give us some demo time with a Mamba. We let Roman know what we were doing and he invited us to put a little notice here on the thread. Well.....
    How 'bout letting the cat out of the bag and telling all of you that Mr. Seth Arnold will be doing some of that patented "Chalupa" stuff over the skies of Apache Pass on Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st. If anybody can put on a show and bend the sticks accordingly it would be him!

    Some of you have been wanting some of the fine products Flex Innovations has to offer and Randy's Hobbies is gonna help make that happen. Not quite sure the Mambas will be back in stock or if the new Cessna 170 will have arrived by the time the Icehouse Fly-in is held but we'll do a pre-order for any Flex Product from now till about a week to ten days before the fly-in date. Get your order in that early and we'll deliver any in stock item to our booth at the fly-in.
    So..... There ya have it. Ice House Fly-in.... Seth bending the sticks..... food, fun frolick. Flex stuff delivered. What the heck ya waiting for? Be there!

    WT http://www.GiantScaleNews.com/forums/images/smilies/198.gifhttp://www.GiantScaleNews.com/forums/images/smilies/198.gif
    Randy's Hobbies (281) 469-7000 for Flex items you want delivered to Ice House
  7. Dont forget to register. The registration is now open for the 2016 Ice House Fly In September 29th thru October 2nd


    There will be flight lines for Heli, 3D, Warbirds/Scale/ Pattern, and also the Multi GP guys will be racing. Come on out and have a great time. Register early and you get a free teashirt. Keep an eye out often as more details will be coming out.

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