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3DHS Fly Low In (East) July 11,12,13,14 Washington, New Jersey 6th Annual

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by xsubsailor, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. xsubsailor

    xsubsailor 30cc

    Our 6th Annual 3D HobbyShop Fly Low In is Scheduled for July 11,12,13,14 at the GCA RC Club Field located in Washington, NJ.

    This is a low stress all 3d event open flying till 10pm everyday Electric only after 10pm and before 8:00am

    we will have a 3dhs 50cc airframe among other 3dhs airframes to raffle
    stay tuned for raffle announcements and check back here often for updates

    Light towers

    room for camping


    564 rt 57

    the field is located on rt 57 in Washington New Jersey, you will see a State police barracks then a national guard amory and next to that a small school, our entrance is to the right of the school, I will have signs posted to mark the entrance

    Ama required

    There will be no landing fee this year.

    Food will be sold during the event and there will be a pilot BBQ Saturday night. We will be accepting Donations for the BBQ

    Please try to RVSP with me xsubsailor@hotmail.com so I can get a count for buying food

    The field and parking area's are expanded from last years event and runway is being lasered leveled in March.

    We will have noon time demo's and our famous total destruction no rules combat at 1:00 on Saturday of the event

    Mansfield Motel
    (908) 689-5335
    689 Rt-57, Port Murray, NJ 07865 Get directions
    Cross Streets: Between Komar Rd and CR-632

    This Is a roach motel but it's one block down the street from the field and $50 a night might be good place to take a shower and sleep a little

    Best Western-Mt Olive Hotel - book.bestwestern.com
    138 U.S. 46, Budd Lake - (973) 426-0800

    Comfort Suites Hotel - www.choicehotels.com
    102 U.S. 46, Budd Lake - (973) 448-7500

    Extended Stay America Hotel Mt. Olive - Budd Lake - www.extendedstayamerica.com
    71 International Drive South, Budd Lake - (973) 347-5522

    this one is closest to the field

    Comfort Inn Hackettstown - www.comfortinnhtown.com
    1925 Route 57 West, Hackettstown - (908) 813-850
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2012
  2. njswede

    njswede 150cc

    Can't wait! This year I will take time off from work (and wife :)) to make sure I can attend all three days. Heck, I may even bring the wife!
  3. xsubsailor

    xsubsailor 30cc

    Good, hope to see you and your wife we always have a great time at the fly low in.
    We still need to get together for coffee.
    Hope to see you at The GCA's Christmas party
  4. I hope I can make it! I had a lot of fun there this year!
  5. Crashes A Lot

    Crashes A Lot 50cc

    Glenn, looking forward to it as always! Can't wait :D

  6. Jamesrini

    Jamesrini 50cc

    you know ill be there!!!!!! cant wait, it should be a blast as always
  7. I hope I can make it again this year. I had tons of fun. xsubsailor you should come the RAMAC Field more often and fly.
  8. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    This was a great event this year. I don't have vacation but I will be there and I'll try to drag more of the Shire crew with me.
  9. njswede

    njswede 150cc

    I spent about 90 minutes at the field today, but you must have left already. It wasn't a lot of time, but enough for me to crash my Laser... :(
  10. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    Oh no...what happened to the Laser?

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