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3DHS KEYSTONE FLY LOW IN 2012 September 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Joe's Dad, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    The State College Radio Control Club and 3D Hobby Shop is proud to announce the 3DHS KEYSTONE FLY LOW IN 2012.
    4 Days of Fun Flying and activities.
    3D Hobby Shop will be on the Site with their Best Air Frames and Bling, save on shipping!
    "Show Us Your Cheese" Contest <the winners "Cheese" will be on our next years calendar plus prizes that we are working on>
    Light Plant Night Flying <LED Light kits planes welcome as well>
    Saturday Demos starting at noon, and like every year, we invite the public out also for a few hours, so show off your planes and skills.
    Door Prizes
    Event Raffles

    September 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th
    Please Like us on Facebook

    Sponsored by:
    3D Hobby Shop
    State College RC Club
    Centre Airpark
    Many more to come, pm me if you have interests in being a part.

    Grand Prize Raffle
    3D Hobby Shop
    89" AJ Slick with a DA 60 and a Blazing Star Mount!
    As for which color..... You need to stop by and see.

    Location Information
    Centre Airpark
    Centre Hall, Pennsylvania 16828
    GPS Coordinates: 40.8117311, -77.6572194
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2012
  2. RCAddict16

    RCAddict16 70cc twin V2

    Man I'm really excited for this. :D My first 3DHS event!!! :D
  3. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    See everyone on Thursday!
  4. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    Hope you are making plans to attend. Last good one of the year.
  5. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    Good Luck Ron and team...have fun everyone...send some photos our way during the weekend?!

  6. RCAddict16

    RCAddict16 70cc twin V2

    I'm coming :) got the registration issue fixed :) just gotta get my props in the mail Friday and head on up :)
  7. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    Had a good time. Nice field, night flying was explosive, and the hog was good.
  8. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    P1210732.jpg P1210735.jpg P1210767.jpg P1210773.jpg P1210799.jpg P1210819.jpg P1210847.jpg P1210863.jpg P1210879.jpg P1210906.jpg P1210935.jpg P1210942.jpg P1210965.jpg P1210977.jpg P1210986.jpg P1210989.jpg P1210991.jpg P1210999.jpg P1220013.jpg P1220043.jpg P1220066.jpg P1220082.jpg P1220106.jpg P1220110.jpg P1220116.jpg
  9. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    P1220120.jpg P1220122.jpg P1220124.jpg P1220135.jpg P1220139.jpg P1220146.jpg P1220149.jpg P1220151.jpg P1220155.jpg P1220160.jpg P1220178.jpg P1220189.jpg P1220198.jpg P1220204.jpg P1220221.jpg P1220231.jpg P1220238.jpg P1220242.jpg P1220248.jpg P1220251.jpg P1220257.jpg P1220254.jpg P1220264.jpg P1220260.jpg

    Attached Files:

  10. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    P1220264.jpg P1220278.jpg P1220281.jpg P1220283.jpg P1220288.jpg P1220296.jpg P1220301.jpg P1220464.jpg P1220470.jpg P1220473.jpg P1220512.jpg P1220545.jpg P1220548.jpg P1220555.jpg P1220559.jpg P1220560.jpg P1220566.jpg P1220570.jpg P1220573.jpg P1220577.jpg P1220580.jpg P1220588.jpg P1220590.jpg P1220682.jpg

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