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For Sale 3rd scale cub

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by Gotta Know Joe Hobbies, Jun 28, 2020.

    Newly built never flown cub
    999.99 or best offer yes we ship more info below 20200602_203148.jpg 20200602_203155.jpg 20200602_203200.jpg 20200602_203204.jpg 20200602_203208.jpg 20200602_203214.jpg 20200602_203220.jpg 20200602_203223.jpg 20200602_203246.jpg 20200602_203251.jpg
    Cloth-covered except for the bottom which in done in Film covering for easy cleaning
    G45 (new) with electronic ignition
    Built by an old Builder in southeast tx I told him I would buy it if ever for sale .... 2 yrs later he called... even though I had already bought a 3rd scale cub I gave my word so I followed thru. I just do not have the room
    He is getting older and all he can remember is the kit was From Canada
    each wing panel is 66-inch fuse is 13 inches wide totaling
    145-inch wingspan

    I will ship.
    I may be able to fit in a crate to ship via bus. ( how I ship all my big planes with 100% success) IF IT WILL FIT the shipping fee will be 125 to 140 my cost. I will buy the materials and build the crate on me .

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