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Discussion 6 Star Hobby Beech Propellers

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Dennis9412, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Just curious if anybody here has tried out these props from SDS Hobby. I'm looking at a 27 x 10 for a DLE 111.

    Are these worth buying?


  2. js-rc

    js-rc 70cc twin V2

    I just ordered a 27 X 10 from Valley View & they have 15 % off till midnight on all Zoar props !! Use code 4th.2017 when checking out !!
    Let us know if you get the SDS prop & how it works !!
  3. Jason T

    Jason T New to GSN!

    Hi Dennis. I have used them, and i find they are actually really good quality. i used a Falcon and one from SDS at the beginnig of this year. A tad heavier than an equivilent Falcon prop but i didnt notice any difference in performance to be honest. Using on a 35ra
    i.e. WOOD Falcon 19x8 was 81g - sds hobby 19x8 was 84g (if i remember correctly)
    These were standard blade props, not the 3d type.
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  4. Thanks Jason, that's good to hear. I think I'll order a few just to try them out. I'll keep everybody posted on how they work out.
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