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Cool AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by Xtreme_Power_RCS, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module
    Weight:0.1 oz (2.83g)
    Length:1.016" (25.87mm)
    Width:1.016" (25.87mm)
    Height:0.363" (9.29mm)
    The Spektrum™ AS3000 is a new tool for the giant scale pilot to use that easily adds A3SX® stability to their aircraft. Simply plug the AS3000 into one of our Next Generation PowerSafe Receivers Sensor Port (AR9130T, AR12300T, AR20300T) and mount the AS3000 into the airframe.

    No smart phone or computer is needed to program this gyro! This system is the first accessory to use Spektrum Forward Programing by introducing a new menu on the Gen2 radios that controls every AS3X setting and mode available with the Spektrum AS3000. (Airware 2.0 radio update needed)

    The Spektrum AS3000 Flight Stabilization Module is very simple to install in any model, allowing for a clean and efficient install that removes the trouble of an in-line gyro system. This helps to eliminate the additional point of failure that an inline gyro can introduce. The AS3000 is a small 1inch by 1inch square 6 Axis gyro with 3 built in rubber dampened mounting points, making it easy to install and to isolate from other objects in the aircraft.

    Item #: SPMAS3000

    Retail: $72.79
    Due Early April, 2017

    Check out more at spektrumrc.com

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  2. ghoffman

    ghoffman 70cc twin V2

    Can someone educate me on gyro's please? I understand what 6 axis means, (X,Y,Z, and rotation about the X,Y,Z axes) but in terms of flying, what do the rotation axes do? Is the early AS3X on the Visionaire a 3 axis or 6?

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