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AV8-B Harrier EDF VTOL JET Prototype flies for first time

Discussion in 'VTOL Aircraft' started by dominicm, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. dominicm

    dominicm 70cc twin V2

    Joel Vlashof flies his scratch build VTOL prototype for the first time. A 12S flight pack powers the Scheubeler 130mm EDF system with 4 nozzles controlled by a kk2.1 flight controller with custom VTOL software. Next steps are to add the fuselage wings and achieve transition from vertical take off to flight...and hopefully back to vertical landing.

    Watch until the end and you will see a link top right to subscribe to Joel's channel. He would certainly appreciate some more followers of his awesome work.

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  2. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Holy crap, these are things I miss when I work so much. Everyone it seems has a special place in their heart for certain aircraft. For me I've always loved the North American P51 Mustang first, then the North American B25 Mitchell. More modern times have offered so many jet designs too. However, none, (not one) grab me like the Hawker Hurricane. I've always said if someone could or should I say would, (cuz we all know that eventually everything will make it to the table) I would jump ship in a heart beat. Most times on my flight sim I can be found flying and yes, hucking the loaded Hurricane. Perhaps it's time to trade in my 3D wings and become a true full fledged jet jockey.

    I so want one!!

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