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SOLD! Brillelli 366GT (60cc), $250 shipped

Discussion in 'Fueled Engines (Gas/Glow) and Parts' started by Notorious B.E.N., Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. Up for sale is a Brillelli 366GT (60cc) engine. I purchased this engine new, crashed a plane it was in after the engine died in flight (idle too low). The crash resulted from a stall when I tried to make a turn without recovering enough airspeed. I should've listened to myself and just landed with a crosswind instead of trying to get it into the wind...

    I checked the motor, put it in a new airplane and flew that plane quite a bit until I decided to upgrade to a DA 60.

    I bought a new Walbro carb for the motor from Valley View that was a better replacement carb for the DLE 55 (the original was the same as for a DA 50).

    Over the time I've had this motor running I tried different props and upgraded the exhaust which is why I have a different muffler and pipe header for it. The original muffler is included as well as the upgraded side dump and header.

    I sent the motor and to CH ignitions to have it checked out. Everything came back good and he ran the motor. This was late summer/early fall 2016 so recent and right before I moved.

    I also have some props that I could include. I can sell one or the lot with it. I have:

    Vess 23B x 2 (+17.00 each)
    Xoar 22x10 (+$12.00)
    Xoar 22x10 Laminated (+$13.00)

    The reason for selling is the last time this motor was in a plane was 2013. I've run it on a stand since then and of course CH Ignitions ran it too. I kept it for another project that I never decided on and I'd rather get a bigger plane and let someone else enjoy it than buy another 50cc plane to put it in.

    Feel free to PM questions or email me at ben.beyer@gmail.com. Paypal preferred for payment. $250 for the motor, mufflers, and header. Shipping in the USA is included.

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  2. Engine is sold!
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