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Broken Arrow, OK IMAC Results

Discussion in 'IMAC Event Promotions' started by thurmma, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. The Broken Arrow, OK IMAC contest that was rescheduled for this last weekend was almost rescheduled again, but we were able to get the Known rounds in with only a 30 minute delay during the day. We were forced to call the contest Sunday after the first Sportsman pilot ended up in complete cloud cover at about 200 feet!

    After getting everything packed up and just finishing the awards ceremony, the rain hit us again and this time it was not letting up .

    Overall we had 14 pilots ranging from Basic to Unlimited! The results are below.

    American Turf Flyers 2017 Contest Results
    As of 5-Jun-2017 07:07

    Final scores in Basic ranged from a low of 3,859.2 to a high of 5,000.0 (a range of 1,140.8)

    1 Mike Smith 5,000.0
    2 Darin Schmidt 4,440.5
    3 Allan Delger 3,859.2

    Final scores in Sportsman ranged from a low of 3,550.2 to a high of 4,000.0 (a range of 449.8)

    1 Rebeca Tate 4,000.0
    2 Daniel Powell 3,902.5
    3 Kevin Schmidt 3,550.2

    Final scores in Intermediate ranged from a low of 3,576.4 to a high of 4,000.0 (a range of 423.6)

    1 David Herron 4,000.0
    2 Greg Dial 3,959.0
    3 Mark Thurman 3,663.4
    4 Rudy Voldrich 3,576.4

    Final scores in Advanced ranged from a low of 2,972.8 to a high of 4,000.0 (a range of 1,027.2)

    1 Jason Priddle 4,000.0
    2 Jeffrey Dye 2,972.8

    Final scores in Unlimited ranged from a low of 3,959.6 to a high of 4,000.0 (a range of 40.4)

    1 Lindel Roe 4,000.0
    2 Bill Cunningham 3,959.6

    1 Jeffrey Dye 4,000.0

    Some pictures from Saturday and the awards ceremony.

    MIII4304.jpg MIII4305.jpg MIII4307.jpg MIII4308.jpg MIII4310.jpg MIII4311.jpg MIII4312.jpg MIII4314.jpg MIII4316.jpg MIII4318.jpg MIII4320.jpg MIII4322.jpg MIII4324.jpg MIII4326.jpg MIII4329.jpg MIII4331.jpg MIII4333.jpg MIII4335.jpg MIII4337.jpg MIII4341.jpg MIII4342.jpg MIII4343.jpg MIII4347.jpg MIII4348.jpg MIII4349.jpg MIII4350.jpg MIII4351.jpg MIII4353.jpg MIII4354.jpg MIII4355.jpg MIII4357.jpg MIII4358.jpg MIII4359.jpg MIII4360.jpg MIII4361.jpg MIII4362.jpg
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  2. Krzy4RC

    Krzy4RC GSN Contributor

    Looks like a great contest! Wish I could have been there!!
    thurmma likes this.
  3. Thanks for the great coverage!
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  4. JAG

    JAG 70cc twin V2

    Looks like a great event. I'll trying IMAC fo th first time next month. I can't wait.
    thurmma likes this.
  5. When you get there, be sure to ask questions if you have them. Primary goal is to have fun and learn.
    JAG likes this.


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