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For Sale Carden 124 Pro For Sale:

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by Pittsflyboy, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. DSC_1152.JPG DSC_1155.JPG DSC_1158.JPG DSC_1131.JPG

    Selling my Carden 124 Pro. This airplane was pro built by Cam McCausey for Larry Arseneau in 2012. Larry covered it with monokote and did the paint work. This is a very fine example of outstanding craftsmanship by Cam and larry. Larry flew it only 70 flights and stopped competing . I purchased the complete airplane in February 2014 and I have put 90 flights on it for a total of 160 flights. No 3D only sportsman Imac flying by me.
    Engine: DA-200 with magnesium case, lightened cylinders
    Prop Mejzlik 28.5-12-3 blade
    Spinner: TruTurn 5" Ultimate
    Exhaust: two into one headers and KS 95 rear dump canisters
    Servos: JR 8911 with JR arms
    Smart-Fly optical kill
    Batteries: A123 X 3 by Wrong Way R/C
    Fuel tank: Fiji 1500cc with PSP cap and fittings with vitron flop tube
    Wing bags and tail covers by: Caroline at Carden
    This is a very clean outstanding airplane with very little rash and no crashes. It has the best covering job I have ever seen, no wrinkles.
    I prefer local pickup but I will crate and ship at buyers expense.
    Price: $7200.00
  2. Carrid02

    Carrid02 50cc

    Is this pro still for sale? If so, feel free to call me anytime: 325-665-4452.


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