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SOLD! Carden Pro 124 extra 300

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by vatechguy3, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. I have a 124 Carden Pro extra 300sp airframe for sale. I bought this as a backup plane for IMAC, but i will not be flying as much IMAC in the next few years due to family changes.

    The airframe is setup for a da200 and canisters along with a duralite powerbox. The only switch hole in the fuse is for a powerbox switch.

    Along with the bare airframe, it includes the carbon landing gear, a 3 degree SWB engine mount, a pair of ks comfort mounts (sized for ks95s), all ball links and titanium turnbuckles, carden aircraft wingbags and stab covers, pilot, 60oz tank with SWB cap and a McFueler. Also, it comes with leftover paint products so future touchups will match perfect. I am sure there are a few small items i am forgetting.

    Please contact me for additional pics, they are too large to post


    PM with questions.

    Will drive a reasonable distance to meet up.

  2. 2500, obo
  3. Answering some PM questions for everyone:
    To my knowledge, the plane has never been involved in a crash. There are no signs of any previous repairs or damage inside the fuse, or any covering patches on the wings or stabs.

    The landing gear plate did crack/come loose on one side right after i bought it. The plate did NOT come all the way out, so there was no damage to the underside of the fuse or wings, or even the wheel pants, and the plate was not even broken. The failure was at the joint between the plate and the oak rail. Apparently a previous owner installed bolts that were too short., thus they did not engage the oak rail. After reglueing he plate to the rails with hysol, i replaced all the landing gear bolts with the proper length bolts. No issues since the repair. The area was recovered and looks like new.

    I do not see any issues with the covering.

    There is one small nick in the hatch, my cell phone camera could no pick it up. It is approximately 1/8" long and hard to find.

    I used the program from my other 124 pro when setting this model ul, and it flew perfectly straight and true. Could have competed with it immediately.

    I can offer the setup (throws and balance point) to the new owner.

    I have no plans to go to Toledo right now, but as i said, i will drive to meet someone. So that could be an option.

    As shown in the pics, this airframe comes with wing bags and stab bags, no rudder cover is included.

    I do not know what kind of glue was used on the hinges. I bought this used myself. But i do know that i have had no issues with the hinges when i was flying it.

    There is string installed in place of all servo extensions, to make reinstallation fast and easy.

    Let me know if anyone has additional questions.

  4. DO you have the ducting plate done and included to channel air on the Da 200 ? I am interested, for the same reason as you as I have a primary Carden, but we would need to find a way to meet somewhere.
  5. Yes, it includes the baffle.

    Where are you from?


  6. I am in Silicon Valley
  7. Sold.

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