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Da-120 $799.00 OBO

Discussion in 'Fueled Engines (Gas/Glow) and Parts' started by invertedone, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Engine was just crashed horizontal into a stand of trees. I can only state what I see as far as damage. See attached pics. and I can send more if needed.
    I am going to a smaller plane for our club field is very tight.
    Engine comes with the following : Vess 28B carbon like new, Pete's 4 1/2 inch carbon spinner, DA stock mufflers, a pair of DA headers,
    a pair of no-name cans, can support and plane wrapper prop protection.
    This is what I see as far as damage : one of the plug wires brock off, one of the spark plugs cracked porcelain, a small piece of fin brock off one of the top fins and one other has a ver small bend to it.

    Check out photos and if you need more I can send.
    I am selling engine AS-IS
    I use Fed-X for shipping
    As a note I only removed the spinner and prop and unbolted from stand offs.
    Did not put a wrench to any other parts of the engine.

    Any questions three six zero 340 8522 Verizon

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  2. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    Consider any trades? I have some cool guns
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