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Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member


    E-Flite UMX Waco BL BNF​

    Own a piece of history and get a taste of what the early days of aviation were like with this scale reproduction of the classic Waco biplane. The E-flite® UMX™ Waco BL blends classic style with state-of-the-art features to give you one of the most rewarding flying experiences at any size. It comes out of the box with scale touches which include molded surface details on the wing and fuselage, carbon-fiber flying wires, windscreens and more. You even get a pilot figure complete with a flying scarf. All this detail is brought to life by a 180-size brushless power system. This power system, along with the model’s light wing loading and AS3X® technology, gives you a wide flight envelope to play with. Firewall it to fly aerobatics or throttle back and cruise – the UMX Waco BL will deliver smooth, stable response whatever you want to do.​

    Key Features

    • Classic Scale Details
    • Exclusive AS3X® Stabilization Technology
    • Wide Flight Envelope with Brushless Power
    • Spektrum™ DSMX® Receiver
    • Spektrum Performance Linear Servos
    • No Assembly Required
    • Classic Waco Trim Scheme
    • Scale Landing Gear with Wheel Pants and a Steerable Tail Wheel

    [See image gallery at www.flyrc.com]
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