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Event Coverage 2015 ~ Cumberland Summer Soaring

Discussion in 'Giant Tow Planes' started by JimD, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    Date: July 16-20

    Place: HighPoint Aviation Airfield
    (located atop Knobley Mountain in WV near Cumberland, MD)

    This will be the third year for this event on this approximate date. Over the forty-eight years that the Cumberland Fall Soar for Fun has been held at this same location each November, many requested the addition of a warm weather event. An event in early October has tried five years ago, but deemed to be too close to the traditional November date. Then and event was held in September, but date overlapped other events. Then the July date was picked and has seemed to be the best fit since.

    The HighPoint Aviation Airfield now has the distinction of hosting three soaring events each year. We Start the season with our Spring Soar for Fun in March and end the season with our Fall Soar for Fun in November. Then there is the July Cumberland Summer Soaring event right in the middle.

    A few early birds are coming in on Wednesday and planning to stay through Monday making it a six day event! We are busy getting our new facility ready and trying to keep the grass mowed!

    If you have never tried aerotowing and would like to try or just come and see what it is like, we would be glad to have you visit.

  2. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    Our new building facility is nearly completed, look how nice the new grass is getting established.

    April, shortly after construction started.


    July 4th weekend.

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  3. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    Working on getting ready, mowed the grass and making hay so the field and surround will be wide open! Lots of room to land (just in case the runway goes by too quick ;-).

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  4. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Look at those mountains!
    That's awesome!
    Bet it DARK at night thee. Hows the Star visibility?
  5. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    Sleepy, the night sky is awesome! We generally stay at the field Saturday evening and have a picnic dinner. Flying goes right on into the night. We always have at least several campers who stay at the field for the week.

    Here is a typical late sunset picture shortly before the blue sky becomes the black of night.

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  6. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    We got the hay cut today, so the surrounding hay field will be wide open for those who just can't regulate themselves to runway landings!

  7. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    image.jpg Len, Gunny, Steve, Mike, Jeremy, Tom, Cliff, Erich, and Burt all arrived today. Early on, Len helped me mow the field (I think he likes my John Deere) and then the other guys started rolling in. We got in a fair amount of flying and then sent out for Hartley's Pizza for dinner at the field.
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  8. What a beautiful flying site you guys have. And that new building looks awesome!
  9. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    Two flights under my belt on the new ASW20...only add a couple of clicks of down, otherwise, it was perfectly straight and true. This model is a home run for Horizon Hobby!

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  10. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    BTW, we fly stuff like this too!

    Len got a lot of flight time yesterday and today on his Hangar 9 35% Extra 300.


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