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For Sale EXTREM FLIGHT 2 M Vanquish

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Electric' started by Gotta Know Joe Hobbies, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. 2M Vanquish Blue/White/Magenta
    F3A 2M Vanquish ARF $1100.00 plus shipping
    Comes in org. packing

    The Extreme Flight RC 2 meter electric Vanquish was designed with the intent of providing the pattern community with an affordable, competition worthy airframe capable of competing with the multi-thousand dollar composite airframes currently on the market. Great care was taken in the design and testing phases of development to deliver an airframe that is aerodynamically sound, lightweight and easy to assemble. The first prototypes and Beta test models have been flown extensively by several upper class pattern competitors and we received very positive feedback from each of them. Bert Delaere of the Belgium F3A team recently competed in the World F3A Championships in Muncie, IN with the Vanquish and our Torque Silver Bullet F3A motor and placed quite respectably considering he had only one of week of preparation with the airframe.

    The 2 meter Vanquish is a built up balsa and plywood aircraft with an integrated fiberglass cowl. It is available in two Ultracote color schemes and features carbon fiber wing and stab tubes and a really nice airfoiled carbon fiber main gear set. A spring loaded hatch latch retains the canopy and allows for quick access to your batteries and the interior of the aircraft. A removable cowl chin allows easy access for motor/esc mounting. The Vanquish also features wing and stab adjusters to allow you to precisely dial in the incidence for best flight performance (an incidence meter is required-not included in the kit).

    The Vanquish requires 2 mini servos for the elevator halves and standard size servos for the remaining surfaces. We set one up with JR servos and used 2 3421s for the elevator halves, 2 9411s for the ailerons and an 8411 for the rudder. We also set up Bert's aircraft for the World Championships using Futaba gear which included 2 BLS 153s for the elevator halves (the holes in the mounting rib must be enlarged by about 1/8" for this servo to fit) 2 BLS 551s for the ailerons and a BLS 451 for the rudder.

    Another option is the Futaba 9156 on the Aileron and Rudder and the Futaba 9650 for the Elevator halves.

    The Vanquish comes highly pre-fabricated and can be assembled over a weekend by an experienced modeler.

    The Vanquish is NOT a 3D aircraft and is intended for pilots with at least an intermediate skill level.

    Himax Brushless Electric Motor

    (HC6332-230 ) with Mount & Prop Adaptor

    Himax Brushless Outrunner Motors are designed for light-weight, high efficiency, high torque, and durability. This HC6332-230 motor is for midsize models weighing up to 12 lbs for 3-D flight, up to 22 lbs for aerobatic flight and up to 30 lbs for leisure flight. A replacement for 1.80 cu.in. glow or gas engines.


    Weight: 650g, (23 oz), Motor only

    Max Power: 2200W, (This is dependent on several factors)

    Max RPM: 10,000 RPM

    Diameter: 63mm (2.48”)

    Length: 63mm (2.48”)

    Shaft Diameter: 8.0mm (.315”)

    Maximum Case Temperature: 65°C, (149°F)

    Kv = 230, Rm = .043, Io = 1.5@10V

    Efficient Operating Current: 30-80A, 100A Max 15 seconds

    Recommended Accessories: 80A HV ESC, 9S-12S Lipo Battery Pack

    Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 80 HV 50V 80A ESC

    Max amps: 80

    Max volts: 44.4 volt (12s LiPo battery)

    BEC: Linear regulator 5 amp max

    Length: 2.8" (71.9mm)

    Width: 2.0" (50.8mm)

    Height: 0.9" (23.2mm)

    Weight: 4.4 oz (124.6g)

    Fromco Voltage rg...

    Lipo 2 s for rx

    Futaba hi speed digital servos

    and wingbag

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