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fuel ratio between differant size engines

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by TXCranedriver, May 28, 2015.

  1. So I have an old hand me down 50cc DLE 55 that I run 50:1 in and brand new DLE 61 that I run 30:1 in right now. My question is once I get the DLE 61 broke in can I run 50:1 in it too with out messing it up. I would like to use one gas can for my fuel.
  2. I'm certainly no expert myself but all my rc motors, pressure washer, little generator, and misc. lawn equipment all run on the same 40:1 fuel. I've always used a good synthetic and have not had any issues.
  3. Bbcorvette18

    Bbcorvette18 70cc twin V2

    I run non ethonol premium and 40:1 redline racing synthetic
  4. Quite a few people believe, the more oil, the better. In actuality, if there is too much oil mixed, the extra oil can and will gunk up the inner parts especially 2 stroke engines with rings, causes them to stick and do more damage to the cylinder. I operated outboard engines, ultralight engines, chainsaw, weed Wacker's and RC engines.
    No matter which engine, I follow the manufacturing recommendations.
    80/90 fresh non ethonal gas is the way to go for good performance.
  5. 2 oz of marvel mystery oil to 6 gallons of mixed fuel, keeps an engine gunk free. My personal preference from years of experience. I know there are many products that claim to do wonders, but Marvel is my choice.

  6. Bbcorvette18

    Bbcorvette18 70cc twin V2

    Good fuel and good oil keeps **** clean too. My 55 has over 80 gallons through it and still looks great.
  7. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Me too!
  8. Awesome to know

    That's alot of gas!
  9. I also believe a 40:1 ratio is perfect, not too much of either gas or oil.
    I know someone who ran a 100:0 ratio in an outboard. Not good results! LOL My x brother n law thought he knew it all! HAHAHAH!

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