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Futaba GYA 430 vs. GYA 440

Discussion in 'Airplane Gyro Systems' started by Trump, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Trump

    Trump 30cc

    Does anyone know the difference (besides price, lol) between the Futaba GYA430 and GYA440?
    I have read the manual for the GYA430 but can't finds one for the GYA440.
  2. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    I think one has Sbus and one does not.
  3. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    I just talked with Tower hobbies, I was told that the GYA440 will be replacing the older GYA430. As far as I can tell the manuals for the two are about the same, both will do S-bus, both are single axis for airplanes only.
    Here is my question for all you gyro experts, what does it mean when Futaba talks about AVCS in their gyros? I just ordered a GYA430 for my XP-55 and cannot find what the heck AVCS even stands for!
    I have never used a gyro in a fixed wing model so I am really clueless :confused:

  4. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    I'm not a gyro expert, but I do fly helicopters and have a Bavarian Demon Cortex gyro in my Pilot Edge. AVCS, Angular Vector Control System, is Heading Hold. Heading Hold, is what we fly in with helicopters. It keeps the tail at the same angle no matter the flight direction. In my opinion Heading Hold is pretty useless for an airplane, and can cause real problems if not used correctly. Rate mode on the other hand can be very helpful.

    If you ever want a good 3 axis airplane gyro, I can highly recommend the Demon Cortex. Not cheap, but works awesome and doesn't feel like it's fighting you all the time, It just make the airplane fly smoother. :)
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  5. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    So with the AVCS if you make a control input the tail of your heli model will swing around to where you want it until you let the stick go back to center? Then the tail will stay there until you make another change, is that correct?

    I want to put the gyro on the pitch axis, or elevator servo, I am thinking that the AVCS mode might be perfect for this situation if it works the way I think it does. The model would maintain the pitch attitude until a stick input was put in to the elevator then when the new pitch angle was achieved then the AVCS would maintain that exact pitch angle. Or am I all screwed up in my thinking?

    My problem is that the Ascender is not stable around the pitch axis and I'm hoping the AVCS system might just keep the thing stable, I'm not sure a gyro would respond to the slow up or down pitch that this thing does in flight.

    What do you think? I have already ordered a Futaba GYA430 single axis gyro, and it has the AVCS feature also.

    Am I asking to much from a gyro?

  6. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    Yes, with a helicopter in hold you can swing the tail left or right or even backwards and it will stay until you change it, no matter your direction of flight.

    I think you may be better off in normal mode, or rate mode whatever Futaba calls it. I think AVCS/hold may really make it fly strange. I could be wrong, but that is my feeling on it. The good thing is since it's switchable, you can experiment. I would try normal mode first and see how it reacts. I think once you get the gain adjusted where you want it it will do what your looking for.
  7. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    Thank you for the input, nobody around here uses any type of gyro so I am kinda out here on my own. I think that the Futaba gyro system will let you switch modes from the TX which is really cool, that way I can get up nice and high with the model and experiment with it. I believe that the gain can also be changed from the TX, I'll have to spend some serious time on the ground messing with it:confused:
    Jetpainter likes this.

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