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Scale Giant Scale P-51 Mustang Plans??

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by Bartman, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    Things are going great with the baby. She is passed out asleep on my chest as I type this.
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  2. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

  3. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

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  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    That's awesome Chris, very happy for you guys. :)
  5. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Hey @Bartman

    Chad Veich over on RCSB also has a set of 1/4 scale plans for the P-51. There is also a build thread of someone building the plane over on RCSB as well, but I do not know how to post a link. From what I've seen and read, they are one of the best set of plans around for scale accuracy. Chad's website is www.cwvmodels.com
  6. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    Chad Veich

    112" P-51D, plans are metric so great option for people outside the US where metric materials are standard.

    Thanks for the tip, I've never heard of that one. I reached out to Chad, here's his reply and a video review of his plans that he sent;

  7. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    I was thinking 89" was a nice manageable size. Of course my workshop is tiny.;)
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