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Discussion Giant scale pilots

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by acerc, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Giant scale pilots are very difficult to find if not impossible. I have recently became in need of a 28" figure and finally found a 28" Barbee doll, don't go nut's here. It is going into a plane a woman flew, those that know me know it is the Red Eagle Pitts. So after a lot of searching and finally getting a figure now I can not seem to find a descent jumpsuit and may end up having to pay out the nose to have someone make one. With as much giant scale as there is out there one would think somewhere someone would be making these things. Best Pilots did make me a head but it came out to small and too heavy, oh well.
    If anyone has a wife, husband, friend, neighbor, etc. that sews I would be happy to pay a reasonable cost for a simple, plain, jumpsuit in green, like in the pic..

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  2. IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0265.JPG
    Had one custom made for my shop!
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  3. @Xtreme_Power_RCS he look's great! Who made it, and most importantly, will they make another?
  4. There put of Russia. They make them to spec. Let me try to remember the company, I don't off the top of my head. They put my logo on the shirt pocket and on both sleeves and has a hat with my logo on it to

  5. There is there fb page. Great guys! Beautiful work. They custom made mine
  6. I will check that link out shortly, I would like somewhere to get one. Being as I only have a month to get ready for the event I am going to leave Barbee as is. It actually don't look bad and all that the rules state is it has to have a pilot. So, does it matter if it is a she and she is wearing a dress? I am working on a harness to hold it in place, per FS, then I will make a pink visor and maybe a set of cool shades. I need to wrap it up, make sure all components are good, and start flying it some.
  7. I think she'll do just fine, still have to affix her hand to the stick. And a few other small items to do, give it a good cleaning then some polish, and I'll be ready for TG.

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  8. pilotdb09

    pilotdb09 New to GSN!

  9. pilotdb09

    pilotdb09 New to GSN!

    I was able to get a giant pilot from "Wendy's Perfect Pilots" in the UK. He was customized to my specs, included a ball cap (with name), a headset and belt and shoulder harness, also sun glasses!
    I found her on the internet.
    Good luck.

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