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SOLD! Hacker A40-10S V2 14-pole motor - $75

Discussion in 'Electric Motors & ESC's' started by Darren Rust, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. I have a lightly used Hacker A40-10S V2 for sale. It's in great shape, runs perfectly, and wasn't used much. I had swapped it out for a Motrolfly on a 56" Laser earlier in the year, and it's been sitting on a shelf waiting for a home ever since. Runs on 4S Lipos. $75 plus shipping. Hacker A40-Box.jpg Hacker A40-BoxClose.jpg Hacker A40-BoxSide.jpg Hacker A40-Closeup.jpg Hacker A40-InBox.jpg Hacker A40-InHand.jpg Hacker A40-Parts.jpg
  2. Got the motor today Darren. Looks great! Thanks for the speedy shipping.:way_to_go:
  3. You bet! That's how I roll man! Enjoy!
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