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For Sale Hangar 9 1/4-Scale J-3 Cub PNP 106" LPU

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Electric' started by Mikey, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Mikey

    Mikey New to GSN!

    I have a brand new and built J3 Cub that I had built for a friend but decided he didnt want it anymore. Never been flown and everything in the plane is brand new. This plane is no longer being made.

    Has a Eflite Power 110 Motor, Castle Creations Edge HV 120 Esc, Four JR-831 Servos with all JR Extensions , Spektrum 2s 3000mah LIFE Rx Pack,

    J-3 Specs

    Key Features
    Full-bodied, posable pilot figure
    Scale dash including Cub in tachometer
    Scale Cub wheels and functioning landing gear
    Operating door panels and removable interior seating for easy access to the plane's interior
    Collapsible wing struts connected to wing and fuselage with an intelligent pin and cotter key system
    Tubular construction for top outline more true-to-Cub scale lines
    Scale fin to fuselage fillet
    Covered in genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote®

    If your Local , come by and check it out in Los Angeles


    Attached Files:


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