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Hitec Energy Propel Combo Packs

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    From Hitec:
    Hitec’s popular Energy Propel Motors are now available in convenient combination packs. With built-in, programmable speed controls and high performance, efficient motors, our Energy Propel line delivers the functionality and space-saving design your multirotor projects require. Each bundle pack comes with two clockwise and two counter clockwise motors to fully equip your rotorcraft and get you airborne in a snap. Economically priced and available in six sizes, the Energy Propel Motor combos are this season’s hot commodity.

    Motor Features:

    • Motor and ESC Combination Provides a Lightweight and Space-saving Alternative to Separate Components
    • High Performance, Efficient Motor
    • Programmable Speed Control
    • Updateable Firmware
    • BLHeli Featuring Active Braking/Damping Light
    • ONE SHOT Synchronization Protocol for Faster Communication Between the Flight Control and ESC
    • Simple Wiring Eliminates Failure Points
    • Backed by Hitec’s One Year Warranty

    #61089 – EP1806 / 2300kv 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $127.98
    #61090 – EP2204 / 2300kv – 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $121.98
    #61091 – EP2206 / 2200kv – 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $129.98
    #61092 – EP2208 / 1900kv – 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $133.98
    #61093 – EP2212 / 1000kv – 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $141.98
    #61094 – EP 2216 / 900kv – 2 x CW & 2 x CCW SET – $149.98

    Visit HitecRCD.com
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