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News HuckFest CubFest LoveAir RC Colorado

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by Maxwell1945, May 26, 2017.

  1. Join us this summer at the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Cubfest Huckfest! Hosted by the Love Air R/C club in Fort Collins Colorado, this event promises 3 days of great flying and friendship! We will also have lights set up for night flying Friday and Saturday night.

    So far we have received donations from the following vendors for our pilots raffel:

    Desert Aircraft
    Horizon Hobby
    JR Americas
    Jtec Radiowave
    Frank Tiano Interprises
    Tail Dragger RC
    Aircraft International
    RC Hobbies

    Camping will be allowed on site (sorry no hookups)

    The Love Air R/C field features a covered seating area, paved pits and a freshly paved 800'x60' runway! All types and sizes of airplanes are welcome!

    Come out and enjoy the fun June 30th-July 2nd Cub Fest Huck Fest - Flyer 2017-01.jpg
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  2. Hope to see some of you there !


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