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Hyperion Antenna/Camera+VTX Overview

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Brought to you by our friends at Hyperion!

    This post is geared for the review of different antenna types and how they might benefit each First-Person View (FPV) application differently, in the terms of long-range, compactness, and versatility in surrounding radio frequency (RF) backgrounds. Furthermore, in this overview we’ll touch-base on All-In-One (AIO) integrated Camera+VTX systems too, as each camera system offers a unique benefit for a multitude of applications (either by RF output, size, and antenna type).

    For example: Mini brushed quadcopters like the Hyperion X 100 Quad might benefit from a lightweight and small whip antenna on the VTX in conjunction with either a helical or double-rhombic antenna on the VRX base-station, or just a All-In-One integrated Nano camera with whip antenna for indoor flying.

    Hyperion would be willing to provide users with samples so that they may conduct experiments and/or RF-field graphs so that users would have a better understanding about which antenna combination would be bested suited for them and their application

    This post will work as overview summary on all types of Hyperion Antenna & AIO Camera+VTX’s we offer. Here we’ll outline the Pro’s and Con’s for each items application i.e., Short-range, Long-range, Versatility, Micro quad short-range (100~200m), Micro quad long-range FPV( via AIO 100mw+ output micro camera+VTX, or Antenna combinations).

    Once again, we are looking for professional testers with non-biased opinions to give input and possibly help provide test data and opinions. Please “contact us” if you’re interested in becoming a tester.

    Hyperion AIO Mini Camera with 25mw/150mw Selectable VTX

    Pros: Good for long-range micro flying

    Hyperion Mini Camera w/ 25mw VTX – Whip Antenna


    Best Application: Good for short-range indoor micro flying

    Hyperion Nano 600TVL Camera w/ built-in 5.8gHz 25mW 16CH VTX


    Cons: Only 16Chs.
    Best matched antenna: Good for extremely small/lightweight/fragile setups.

    Hyperion 5.8GHz 9.3dbi RHCP Helical Antenna
    Pros: Good for VTX.

    Pros: Double-Rhombic internal design (better than a flat patch antenna)
    Best matched antenna: Good for VTX.

    Pros: Lightweight and smaller, compared to Cloverleaf.
    Cons: Stiff coaxial wire. (We offer Straight and 90degree elbow-bend versions)
    Best matched antenna: Indoor, short-range setups

    5.8GHz Cloverleaf Antenna Set


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