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I’m going out flying thread 2019

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by BalsaDust, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    Try hard and believe in yourself! :roflmao:
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  2. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    LOL "Poot and Toot" I'm FLYING :dancing-poop: :pink_epic:
  3. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    So it seems Winter has finally arrived to the Boise Valley. I hope it don't last long. That said? I am going to put the skies on my now "glow" (shudder) powered trainer and take my newly acquired transmitter mitt/glove out for a few laps. What the heck? Worse that can happen is my toes will get cold. Hey, ya think there is any possibility someone makes "Toe Mitts/Gloves"? :laughing:Course, I really don't think my toes are coordinated enough to operate my radio.:lol2:
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  4. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Just let the awesome glow smell take you back to when you were a kid. So many memories of the struggle to even afford to buy something, let alone build and fly it. Then it happened, your plane is finished, you take it to a club that you don't belong to and someone checks it out, gives you a thumbs up and offers to take it up in the air for you. Then with your hands shaking too much to even take it, he hands you the transmitter. With constant verbal direction you actually steer the plane around for a couple of laps, then the club member takes the transmitter, lands the plane for you and now you have completed the long journey to get in the air. With a 'glow' powered plane.......... And the glow slime comes off easy, a paper towel in your hand, just hold it on the plane and your shaking hand does the work. Glow fuel always has a special place in my heart.
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  5. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    What an awesome story. I giggled all the way through it. But if I were to let the glow fuel smell take me back, I would see myself "alone" as my instructor could not find his way to our flying site. Which by the way was not a club. It was a secluded stretch of road that is now overrun with business of all sorts. I would see myself, holding my transmitter...yes shaking. Then pushing the throttle forward I would see my little glow plane jump into the air and dance around in a crazy frenzy before it went "PLOP" on the asphalt desolate roadway. Ah yes, the smell does take me back when all was not frills and just a few spills but gave us all many thrills. Hee hee…. I kid and I poke and I make remarks. But only because I love all you fellas. Truth it, I really missed the smell of glow fuel burning and my little fours strokers putt putt putting though the air. Glad I have one to take me back from time to time. Guess it has a special place in my heart too. LOL
  6. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    And wait all day to fly because the club member that decided to show up that day had ch57 and would not let you even turn on your transmitter until five hours later when he left... the last one there... let me leave my stuff at the flight line, drive away to the gate, lock the gate and turned a blind eye to let me walk back. I'm not scarred by that memory at all... I wonder if he ever had remorse not to take me under his wing for a flight or two. People like that don't kindle the flame, just throw sand on it. That was in Fairbanks, AK my first year at college by my lonesome. Although he was nice, he's still a nice jerkface in my mind for the lack of consideration. Either way, those are good memories flying my slimers
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  7. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    My first plane maiden pilot was Bill Cunningham. I didn't know that for many years.
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  8. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Hit up the local slope on Saturday to do something a bit different. Took a Multiplex Easy Glider 4, FunRay, Cularis, and a DreamFlight Libelle DLG for a mixed variety of fun. Flew all but the Cularis as it was a large draggy unpowered model and the lift conditions were very light, didn't want to risk having to go hiking. The Easy Glider 4 got the most slope time as it was light enough to float in the light thermal activity.

    The FunRay was spectacular in the speed department. I'm guessing we were nearing 130-140mph in some of the downline passes :eek: Here is a slow-ish pass from about 300ft:

    Can't wait to go in a good day :)

    20190119_171230.jpg 20190119_171358.jpg
  9. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    Nice video plane looks good and fast. Keep the info coming. I am very envious of that flying site, just to be able to just stand there for a while and take in sights
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  10. I got 7 good flights in today with my models. I also helped another with a maiden flight on a 60 size Ugly Stick variant. It was a fun afternoon with 50 degrees and no wind to speak of! IMG_3260.JPG
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