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Alert! Is HOBBICO Next? Hobbico files for bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by Xtreme_Power_RCS, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. I feel bad for some of these companies but when this began it started with the importation of the cheap Chinese ARF's slowly killing off the traditional kit built aircraft. I think that part of the reason this happened is because there was a fundamental misunderstanding of the R/C hobby at the flyer/builder level, the guy who was building a stable of planes thruout the winter building season to take to the field. and it finally ended by the saturating oversaturation of an already saturated marketplace with quad drones. There's still a kiosk in the mall that sells drones for crying out loud as well as every store that has mart, get, or osco in it's name. Just my opinion
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  2. I take responsibility for their demise-me, and hundreds like me. Do some digging and you will see that I run a little on line RC store that caters to a niche market. While I am not big on losing money-if I make a little, that is about all I ask. I have a day job and the RC store isn't it. My overhead? Really don't have any other than inventory costs-the product fits in the upstairs bedroom. So unlike Hobbico that needs to turn a buck, my income from this business is having an RC store upstairs anytime I need it, get to go to shows and meet people and have a little fun. No-that won't pay the mortgage but, thankfully, I don't have one.
    And I am not alone in doing this-it is these small cottage industries that more and more people can and are doing. The big name people are dying the death by 1000 cuts.
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  3. Robert Pompeo

    Robert Pompeo New to GSN!

    I think you are all right about Tower Hobbies. It's going the same way Hobby Shack aka Hobby People. I am buying direct on line more now than ever. At one point I was the owner of a Hobby Town USA and I had all the same problems that you all are having now and this was twenty + years ago. I have purchased a lot from Horizon and Hobby King. I really love Hobby King's price on two ounce bottles of super thin CA.... just $2.30 each... I ordered 10 and ten medium.... same price...and their 50cc Pitts mufflers are only $40.00. Tower Hobbies can't beat that!
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  4. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

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