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SOLD! Kingtech T-ONE turbine jet RTF

Discussion in 'Jets (fueled or electric)' started by bobzilla, Apr 30, 2018.

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    Selling my ready to fly Kingtech Model T-One turbine jet. K120G2 (newest version with auto air restart, self priming pump), fod screen, only 317minutes on turbine. Savox 1230SG monster servos on flaps/rudder, Savox 1256TG on elevators/ailerons/steering, Spektrum AR20310T Powersafe 20ch rx, two Spektrum 2600 2s LIFE main batteries, one Kingtech 3800 3s LIFE ECU battery.
    Kevlar split fuel/smoke tank ( can join together for extended flight). ESM easy connections wiring harness. Dual retracts air tanks, dual brake air tanks, xicoy retract and brake controllers. Kingtech UAT. Sorry, no trades, no shipping. Not interested in selling parts. Can xfer set up from my DX20.
    AWESOME FLYER, super easy lander. I have 40 flights on jet. Custom easy access panel for shutoff valve, air ports and softswitch. Orange on bottom of wings is Plastic-dip, easily removed. Have retract doors (uninstalled). Support equipment available.
    Pickup Las Vegas/Henderson Nv.


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Thread Status:
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