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Microaces Bristol F.2b

Discussion in 'R/C Videos and Pictures' started by dominicm, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. dominicm

    dominicm 70cc twin V2

    Jon Porter, Director of Microaces, gives us an introduction to his range of unique depron foam sheet constructed micro radio controlled historic model aircraft with the Bristol F.2b. These kits are as Jon describes a cross between a folded card model and an Airfix kit. It takes minimal skills to build one of these model aircraft if you follow the comprehensive instructions and guidance.

    Microaces design and manufacture innovative model replica kits of historic aircraft that are of display quality BUT make exceptional flyers with the aid of micro radio control equipment. Each kit closely resembles a specific aircraft that has earned its place in the Aviation Hall of Fame. Whether because of the daring pilot that flew it or because of its own reputation for magnificence.

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, Microaces kits use modern materials, an advanced printing system and accurate laser cutting to make the components for each kit. This all combines to create a very lightweight, yet beautifully detailed scale aircraft that can be flown indoors and out.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2020
  2. Very cool little models. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I have been looking at these little guys for a while now. They are very cool if you have an indoor site to fly. Unfortunately I do not. Also, right now with the virus problem in China the radio systems are not available as I understand it from their emails.
  4. We need to keep our chineese brothers in our prayers its no joke whats going on over there i think the us goverment as well as the rest of the world goverments are not telling the truth of how bad this virase really is

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