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My first Giant Scale Airframe EF 94" MXS-EXP

Discussion in 'SupaTim's NorthWestRC.com' started by Bushwacker, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    I run electric because of where I live and a few other reasons plus I have never even run gas ever. The cost thing kind of depends on what you get. The biggest money will be motor and servos. Electric has instant power, all the torque is there no waiting for it to hit a power curve or any of that. And if you do it right there is no fade like some suggest. The only down fall to it is flight time, but Im used to it. Honestly I think I would get board flying for 15 mins...Hell I get board on the sim after 10 or 15 mins on that. So really I think it's just what you know and like or are used to or insert whatever reason you want. Someday I will have to build a gaser Im just not there yet.
  2. cam4569

    cam4569 70cc twin V2

    I personally dont see any issues with electric vs gas, i just havent seen any electric larger than a 60 inch around here just wondering why the preference is all. I do get the instant power, the gassers are taking some getting used to on throttle timing and management. What motor are you planning?

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  3. Depending upon your timing, you might want to wait for Extreme Flight to release their upcoming XPWR motor line. Sounds like the 60cc motor might work well with the MXS. I know the Yak is lighter than the MXS but it appeared to have plenty of power. https://vimeo.com/163348019
  4. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    I am kinda waiting for the EF motor to come out. Think it will be a good one. I want to go with a Hacker Q80-6L but dang they are spendy and run a bit warm. Also looking at RotoMax 80cc equivalent and a MOTROLFLY DM-5335. The thing is with the larger electric motors is you have to be careful with the heat and how it effects the bearings. You can have ceramic bearings installed with the MOTROLFLY DM-5335 which is nice and it is a powerhouse 50cc motor that runs cooler than most anything out there. Because of my flying style as such. Meaning I like to fly fast and big vs slow and low I tend to over power my planes, just what I like. Although with this bird Im going to try and find that fine balance between fast and slow. I want to do more 3D down low instead of what I normally do. The MXS is a wicked plane that you can through around and it will do it really fast, but it will also do precision very well too. Don't think anyone makes a better MXS model then Extreme Flight. I have done so much research on this model and I just can't find a better one out there. When I unboxed it I can tell you it was perfect in every way, as has every model I have ever purchased from EF. I Cant say that about anyone else I have bought from.

    To give you an idea of the power of the Hacker Q80-6L go to this LINK and watch what Joe Smith does with this 108" Extra 300 LT.

    BTW Thanks for that link [MENTION=3218]Suds[/MENTION] that was pretty impressive dude. Pulled that thing out of that hover like a shot didn't it. Very nice.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 20, 2016
  5. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    I sure wish Joe Smith would hone some of his skills... He looks sloppy!

    Lol just kidding that dude is ridiculous!!!!

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  6. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    I know right dude is the worst ever...

  7. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    With the right propeller and muffler combo, the throttle lag on a gas engine is very minimal. You mostly fly in the powerband anyways. My DA70 has a faster throttle response on stock mufflers and a Falcon 24x9 than any electric motor system I've ever experienced. From idle to WOT is as fast as your thumb can move that throttle stick :D [MENTION=3728]Bushwacker[/MENTION], if you're ever in the area, stop by and I'll be more than happy to let you tug the sticks on the Slick :)

    I've been keeping an eye on that XPWR motor, that thing is ballistic! Someone was saying something like 380 watts/lb, which is near the limits of what any airframe of that size can handle. I guess Ben estimated that it would take 420 watts/lb to rip the firewall from that airplane.

    Have you made any forward progress on the airplane or is it still in its box?
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2016
  8. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator


    Good info to share my friend about the gas thing and does make total sense. My problem is I have never flown a gas plane and I really need to. I too have been following the XPWR motor as best as I can. I think you have better access to info on that then the general public so it's really cool that you share bud, thanks for that. As far as my bird goes, unfortunately I put it back in the box to keep it nice and safe, but I keep popping the lid to look at it now and then. I think Im going to have to drop my original pic of servos to something less expensive like maybe some Hitec 7954's because I already have 4 of them so I would only need 1 more and the motor would be the only other high dollar item left and is why I have been considering something like the Motrolfly and RotoMax, but with the XPWR motor coming out that is on top of my list. Just wish I knew when to expect it to come out.

    I did get that 61" 3DHS Extra 300LT finished and was going to maiden it today, but yesterday I took a nose dive off the roof and fractured my elbow so now I have to wait a little bit to get where I can move my arm better before trying that out. Figures!!! Kinda pissy about that. Cant even grip a coffee cup. LOL had to have my wife button my pants for me this morning....GAWD!
  9. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    OUCH :eek:

    I have been there and done that, but aside from being a little sore, I was fine.

    I think you should be OK with the 7954's on that airplane, but keep in mind it is a BIG airplane and may need something with more ponies behind it. Depending on how you fly, you might see some blowback.
  10. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Yeah your right even though those are really great servos I think I may need something a bit stronger, not much more but a little bit more.

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