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NEW Planes, Stinson SR9 Sale! Fortitude Gas Tanks Back-In-Stock!

Discussion in 'RedwingRC.com' started by TimP, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. TimP

    TimP GSN Sponsor Tier 1


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    New Firebird Jet and 50cc Monsun!

    ----Firebird Trainer Jet----

    Normally: $649.00

    Redwing Introductory Price: $595!

    Save $54!

    Have you mastered prop aircraft and want to try out a new level of RC Aviation?

    Check out this Jet Trainer!

    The Firebird is an all wood Jet RC Airplane for beginners.

    Easy to fly on grass or tarmac fields, features removable wings for easy transportation, and is the most economical ARF jet on the market!

    You will enjoy aerobatics and pattern flights with this Jet Engine Trainer, and not only that, but The Firebird is very easy to land with it’s low wing loading.


    ----50cc Monsun----

    Available in Blue, Green, and Orange.

    Normally: $699.00

    Redwing Introductory Price: $619!

    Save $80!

    The Monsun is an exciting airframe to look at and just spectacular to see in the air.

    Complete with step ladder, navigation and landing lights, front wheel steering, and more scale features!

    The 50cc Monsun is a masterpiece that will amaze you and your friends at the flying field. Get ready for a new flying experience!



    Stinson Reliant SR9 SALE!

    Normally: $445.99

    Now only: $299

    Save $147!!!

    The Red Stinson Reliant is a winner! You will have a blast building this unique plane and even more fun seeing it in the air.

    The Redwing RC Stinson Reliant SR9 30cc, is a VERY scale replica of the original plane, built in the 1930s by Aviation Manufacturing Corp.

    Originally powered by a radial engine, this 30cc Stinson is built to accept the DLE 30, or DLE 35 engine. We recommend a Pitts muffler for the DLE 30, or just going with the DLE 35RA.


    Offer Valid December 31st -January 1st


    Fourtitude Back-In-Stock!

    These are the best fuel tanks you can get. Unmatched quality and performance. Fourtitude has always been top notch and the NEW V2 fuel tanks live up to the high standards of modern day functionality and design.

    The V2 design eliminates previous problems with ONE SIMPLE DESIGN..... ALL nozzles are in the removable cap which has TWO rubber gaskets and is ONE SOLID PIECE, which includes the vent tube and filling tube. Fewer parts = Fewer problems.

    Fourtitude has hit the target with the V2 Tank and as always, is the best quality you can get!

    *Limited Stock so grab them while you can!



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  2. Always something new and groovy at Redwing RC.:way_to_go:

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