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Make An Offer PAU 35% Extra 300sp brand new

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by mooneyrocket, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. hey everyone
    Looking to sell my brand new never flown Pau 35% extra. Plane had brand new da120, 7 JR 8911 hv servos, 1 hitec high voltage servo bought new for the throttle, fourtitude tank, smartfly batt share, 2 smartfly equalizer modules for the wing servos, fromeco wolverine switch, ibec ignition cutoff, swb swing arms throughout, team wing tote wing bags, falcon carbon fiber spinner, meijlik 28 by 10 prop. There's more but I forget, I have a box of extra parts. Will for sure consider trades for smaller 60cc range aerobatic planes, and also warbirds.
    Thanks guys
  2. layneminor

    layneminor New to GSN!

    Location? Also, the description said that the plane "had" da120, servos etc. are those included?
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  3. Yes everything is included.
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  4. is this in Mesa AZ?

    Jacques Telles
  5. No Jacques it's in Kelowna up in Canada!!

  6. ah bummer ay! that's too far to drive.
  7. mooneyrocket i'm interested in the plane with the DA 120 motor , really don't need all the servo's or the smart fly equipment .
    My new PAU 35% is held up so if your interested !!
  8. Ok so what are you offering here lol
  9. Is this airplane still available?
  10. yes its still for sale

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