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Premier Aircraft Cessna 170

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member


    Special pre-order promotion - Pre-Order before September 18th and get *FREE SHIPPING!!


    60.1' (1544 mm)
    86.7'' (2204 mm)
    9 lb 10 oz. (4370 grams) with 6s 4000mAh
    Wing Area
    1094 sq. in (70.6 sq. dm.)
    3200 4S - 5000 6S
    Th is the evolution and accumulation of many years of design experience. The officially licensed Cessna 170 offers something for everyone. At its core, it is a forgiving general aviation aircraft with rough field capabilities. If desired, it also has the ability to kick up the power and offer a surprising level of aerobatic capability. It offers a perfectly balanced air-frame design combined with the included Aura 8, today’s most Advanced Flight Control System, yielding an unmatched flying experience. Pilots will feel smooth, predictable and precise aircraft control without any interference to pilot inputs. The aircraft's extremely light, yet rigid air-frame will offer forgiving, yet responsive flying characteristics! The Cessna 170 structure is hollow on the inside and has carbon fiber in key locations and the unique forward plywood structure secures the power system and makes it run very smooth, even at high power. Because it is EPO foam, it remains TOUGH and REPAIRABLE.
    Flex Innovations has tuned and matched both the air-frame and the Aura 8 to their best potential. However, the Aura 8 programming capability allows the pilot total freedom to adjust all settings, including the flight modes (sensor control inputs can even can be switched off). The USB firmware update capability will allow you to benefit from the latest features and advancements without purchasing new equipment!

    The Night Version has an array of factory installed LED's for an awesome night flying experience. The Fuselage, Wing, and Fin Glow due to internally mounted LED's. The Stab is illuminated by LED's mounted on the Fin. The Navigation lights remain, further adding to the effect. Float customers should note that all of the floats are night equipped and glow when coupled with the night Cessna!

    The Cessna 170 can accept a range of options, including floats for flying off of water and snow skis! The mechanism for glider towing is also included. While the aircraft excels at slow speed and back-country style flying including short takeoffs and landings from unimproved runways, our version is engineered to offer even more. If desired, the pilot can increase the voltage of the battery, and load a more extreme configuration into the Aura Flight Controller and take the flying to a whole new 'extreme' level!

    Check out the web page here for all the details!


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