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Programmable Mixes

Discussion in 'Radio Programming Questions' started by econpatric, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. econpatric

    econpatric 70cc twin V2

    When would you want to have one of these mixes switched?
  2. ghoffman

    ghoffman 70cc twin V2

    Although it is not a "mix", most planes need some aileron differential to roll perfectly axial.
  3. dadstoysbg

    dadstoysbg 50cc

    Certain mixs used in competition such as the down line mix should be on a switch. also a mix for high alphs where you have the ailerons go up with up elevators to help with wing walk should also be on a switch. Another would be a snap roll were you want high rate ail and rudder but low rate elev. can be in a fight mode.
    Remember all this mixing is tailored to your liking. And it needs time to get what you want. What I do to try something new is make a copy of the plane. Try the new mix on the copy if I don't like it i can go back to the original program. That way i haven't lost the program or forgot what i did.
    Only do one thing at a time until your happy, then move on to another mix. Never do to many at a time.
    With a new plane always go to the field with a flight plan when trimming and trying mixs. Burning holes in the sky doesn't get you anywhere.
    Get the plane to fly true. Get the CG right. Get the expo and diff and rates to your liking. then move on the mixes. Always wright down what you do and how it changes the way the plane flys. If you don't you will forget the next week. It takes time but in the end you'll have a plane that fly great and it makes you a better pilot. Dennis

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