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Prop for a DA35

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by BikeRacer, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I'm about to order a 3dhs 75" 330lt with a DA35. I heard from some guys that a falcon 20x8 was great for a dle 35ra, but I wasn't sure if the DA had a tiny bit more power or not and would be better to get a 20x9. This will be all freestyle 3D crazyness. I always mix precision in, but I'm much more concerned with the 3d portion of the prop for this plane.
  2. I'm running a falcon 20x9 carbon on mine, it's a little slower on hover pullout, but develops better speed for the high energy moves. For me that's a fine tradeoff. I have used a Mejzlik 20x8 carbon in the past, and it's probably a bit better at low/slow harrier and hover stuff, with better pullout from a hover. But it's slower on the top end too. All of this was with a Pitts muffler, if you are using a tuned pipe, the 20x9 is the best.

    I tried a Vess 20b, and found it slower than the Falcon, so I went back to the Falcon as top speed was more important to my flying style.
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  3. I'll be using a jtec pitts muffler. I guess I need to figure out exactly the kind of flying I'll do with it. I like the high speed stuff, but hate to lose out on pull... I'm assuming the 20x8 will rip a little easier too which I would like to avoid a little bit.
  4. helicanic

    helicanic 50cc

    I have run a falcon 20x8 and 20x9 on mine. 20x8 was too slow on top end and only added marginal difference to slow and low. 20x9 sped things up a bit and still performs well low and slow.

    I have this on a extreme Flight 78" extra.
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