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SOLD! Rc Guys Cessna aerobat. LPU

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by witchfingers, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. witchfingers

    witchfingers 70cc twin V2

    20 to 30 cc size airframe. Comes with futaba servos. This plane has almost no hangar rash and flies stellar. After getting into the larger 100cc size planes, I don't have time to fly this much. $400. I can meet reasonable distance. I might be interested in a trade for da 100 or dle 111.

    Attached Files:

  2. I know how big this plane is (I have one). Would you be in a position to ship it?
  3. Just saw your LPU.
  4. witchfingers

    witchfingers 70cc twin V2

    It would be a big crate. Shipping plus the cost of the plane would put you at the cost of a new arf.
  5. Yes it would.


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