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Rebuild or not?

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by dhal22, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    It was a good plane, my primary plane for 5 or 6 years. I emailed Tony last week.
    stangflyer likes this.
  2. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Dang @dhal22

    Sorry to see your big Yak in that condition. I hope your 3Dub is not damaged. . . :(.
    dhal22 likes this.
  3. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    I still think you need to rebuild it. You knooooow you want to. Just...do...it! Ya know...??? If you build it, they will come. It will be baaaauck!
  4. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    No response from Tony at pilot rc. About time to email him again.
    stangflyer likes this.
  5. Eduardo Schiavon

    Eduardo Schiavon New to GSN!

    5 to 6 years old airplane? No, its time to rest.
    RIP beloved YAK.
    Time to move on
    stangflyer likes this.

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