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Shout out to Aircraft International

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by jamesrxx951, May 30, 2015.

  1. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    AI seems to be a vendor that does not get talked about much. Not sure why but I was exceptionally happy with my experience with AI yesterday. First off he was the only vendor I could find that had a Biela prop. At least he showed in stock online. So I called hoping maybe he was open at 5:30PM. And he was. He verified that he had them so I purchased a prop and a foam pilot head. Always loved the heads he sells due to their light weight. I completed my order and was happy. 5 or 10 minutes later I received a call back from him. I was thinking "great, he didn't have the prop after all". Well to my surprise he called me to ask how I preferred the stuff to get shipped. If I could wait just one more day it would save me like $5 or $8 in shipping cost. I do not remember the actual amount. I was pleasantly surprised. He could have easily charged me for a higher shipping cost and actually send it on a cheaper route. I know the money is a very minor thing but I was pleased with him being concerned for me on cost and made an effort to call me back to see what I would like. So thanks Gerhard.
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  2. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Gerhard has always been a good dude. I think AI doesn't get mentioned much as fewer people are flying 3W motors. Which is a shame, they make a great motor!
  3. I had a question on a couple of Biela props. Sent an email to Gerhard and had a reply in a couple of hours that answered my questions. He will be getting an order for a couple of Biela 3 blade props this week.
  4. When I was having trouble with my 150 TOC we spoke a few times and I finally sent the engine to him. He called me back after having the engine for 2 days, told me what was wrong and the cost. I paid it over the phone and had the engine back in 3 days!!! The engine has been running like a clock ever since!
  5. aarestor

    aarestor 70cc twin V2

    I have only dealt with him a couple of times but first class service was what I got.

  6. GonePostal

    GonePostal New to GSN!

    A.I. :fist_pump:
  7. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    Got home from work today and what did I find on my door step, that's right, part of my order already showed up today. the pilot head showed up in a few days. I ordered this think Friday at 5:30 PM. We are both on the same eastern time zone. Maybe my prop will get here sooner than was originally estimated.
  8. +1 on :way_to_go: for Gerhard!

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